Our Mission


The first thing that you and your guests will notice about MiterBox-designed cabinets are their unique style. Whether you prefer a contemporary, minimalist kitchen, a cozy traditional theme, or an elaborate custom design, our commitment to your style will be evident in every aspect of your cabinetry.


sophisticatedAt MiterBox, we strive for class and sophistication in every project that we undertake. Each detail intended for your kitchen, paneled room, or bath is captured by our accomplished design team and translated through an exacting CAD design process that delivers precision—every time. It’s the combination of imagination, knowledge, and skill that enables MiterBox to deliver style and function for your home.


We take great pride in perfecting each detail of your kitchen or vanity, and ensuring that nothing in your design concepts goes overlooked or unfinished. We strive to invigorate every element of our CAD designs with rich yet subtle appointments that bring surfaces and cabinets to life.


services-(3)Make your personal space a reflection of your lifestyle with luxurious details made possible by MiterBox’s commitment to excellence. Each hand-crafted bath or vanity is unique, and we will make sure that your room’s beauty is matched only by its quality and its convenience. No matter what amenities, styles, or themes you choose, we will apply our experience and European craftsmanship to deliver the best outcome for you.


Imagine falling in love with the class and elegance of your one-of-a-kind living space each and every time you enter it. MiterBox will design the interior, but it is up to you to fill it with memories. In this way, your paneled room, bar, or theater will age gracefully, like a fine red wine, as you add your own personality to our breathtaking designs.